Envision Buzz:

“Envision Church is my home…a place where I feel like I am part of the family. No matter what day of the week it is, I can lean on my family and grow closer to God.” – Nick Crook

“Envision Church is a place where we believe God’s best, and trust Him for the rest.”   -  Kevin Delegrange

“We walked into the door as skeptics, but after just our first visit to Envision Church we left knowing there is a higher calling. We quickly became firm believers that God exists and He is a loving God. Envision Church is a house of transforming lives.-The Janes Family

“Envision Church has done so much for our family. Every week God is growing us and changing us into a better family. We will be forever grateful to the leaders of our church and the members of our church family for pouring into our lives and showing what it means to truly walk with our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.” – The Craig Family